Sunday, 17 April 2016

Shadowhunters. Sizzy & Saphael

This post is basically about two unreal pairings since on series there’s no Saphael and no Sizzy (yet). But since actors were such good match for their roles it took zero efforts for fandom to start this insanely cute ships.

I'm pure at heart. It repels the dirt.

Let me just fangirl for a moment about Isabelle coming straight from heaven books into life! Like, Emeraude is so perfect Isabelle, she is exactly the way I imagined her it’s surreal. I like all the little changes with Izzy since she rocks both in books and series. She is passionate about everything surrounds her. About shadowhunting, about her brother and her lover Meliorn though there’s no love between the two of them. Throughout the season Izzy grows up in so many ways as a personality she is almost ready for her big love. And we can’t wait any longer!

Alberto plays Simon so good I sometimes forget he is not actually Simon. The scene on graveyard made me ugly cry for hours. It was such an important scene for Simon as a character and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Alberto delivered ir very good. Internal sigh for that sad storyline with his crush on Clary. God (Raziel?) bless Alec got rid of his crush on Jace soon enough. I hope it wouldn’t take long for Simon either.

I didn’t imagine Raphael exactly like this but David is kinda works for me. He understood Raphael and played him good so far. Plus his incredible chemistry with Simon (well hello Saphael) makes difficult to take sides (Sizzy or Saphael that is the question). Since both Isabelle and Raphael are so hot it ridiculous that nerdy Simon even has to be involved (not that Simon isn’t hot, don’t get me wrong). All of them ship very well one way or another so anyways works for me. Remembering Raphael god-awful destiny I do hope in series that will do some changes. But that is not in the cards in nearest future, I suppose.
Me is happy.

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