Saturday, 16 April 2016

Shadowhunters. Malec

“Iz,” Alec said tiredly. “It’s not like it’s one big bad thing. It’s a lot of little invisible things. When Magnus and I were traveling, and I’d call from the road, Dad never asked how he was. When I get up to talk in Clave meetings, no one listens, and I don’t know if that’s because I’m young or if it’s because of something else. I saw Mom talking to a friend about her grandchildren and the second I walked into the room they shut up. Irina Cartwright told me it was a pity no one would ever inherit my blue eyes now.” He shrugged and looked toward Magnus, who took a hand off the wheel for a moment to place it on Alec’s. “It’s not like a stab wound  you can protect me from. It’s a million little paper cuts every day.”"

I nearly lost my mind because of excitement about all things Malec. Like, for years (!) they’ve existed only in my head, then in 10 seconds in the movie and since the second film has been cancelled I thought it was it. So God bless it was cancelled for we’ve got such amazing series.

Malec is a word that stands for Magnus (Bane) and Alec (Lightwood). In the books they were the real treasure for me, my ray of light (for Sizzy being only in incipience and Clace being plain dull). I like how they changed things in TV series. Magnus deserved better than being Alec’s dirty little secret. Or shifting emphasis from homophobic Lightwoods (parents) to racist – brilliant move, actually. 

 It’s a shame we have so little of these two in books. Their story is amazing; the relationship of two so different people attracts readers and fans. On the example of their relationship I learnt, that your soulmate will always see you through all the layers you or society put on yourself. That love can conquer anything. That love is caring about someone’s happiness as your higher priority. That true love cannot die.

Obstacles on their way aren’t as simple as other couples face And that makes them more interesting and intriguing. Some may say that they are popular because they are gay or something like that. Cannot agree. Actually, I can’t fathom how orientation has anything to do with all the ordeals or problems they face.

Their story is about finding your true self. And is about creating yourself. It was showed brilliantly on the screen, each change has been done just fine. I can hardly wait for the continuation of this story.  

"A very magnanimous statement, Gideon,” said Magnus.“I’m Gabriel.” Magnus waved a hand. “All Lightwoods look the same to me-"

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