Sunday, 12 July 2015

Days of Throbbing Gristle by Kevin Cole

In the beginning, there was no love.

I didn't expect it would be difficult to write about this book. There are so many things I would keep to myself and won't expose in a review. I want to place this book on "transformational" bookshelf. Usually, whilst reading at least 15% of a YA book I can totaly predict the ending and it's quite boring. But this book is no ordinary YA book. 

Characters in this book are realistic as hell. Neither good nor bad and you  could relate to most of them. I had such friends. I lived in that world. And this is the very first book which embraced my teen years so precisely. Nostalgic roller-coaster. There where a moment when I was angry with the protagonist - because he disrespected my beloved Joy Division - but well that's the case of relating to a fictional character as to one of your real-life friends.   

Genuinely, I enjoyed this journey. Like man, Kevin created a really likable Jehovah's Witness character. I can only imagine how difficult this can be. And he made me like Sam, the main character, who was basically ruthless. I didn't like him immediately or relate to him at once. To tell the truth, I hated him from the beginning. But eventually I started to understand and then like him. Even relate to him. But most of all things I really enjoyed author's writing style. It certainly added a lot to Sam's character. 

This book would had changed my life if I were 17. But it altered my perception for sure. I'm really glad that I started this all book blog thing. If I hadn't I wouldn't get a chance to read this book. It's a shame it isn't translated and I can't recommend it to my friends. 
But I surely recommend it to anyone else, I know you would enjoy it.

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