Monday, 16 March 2015

The Land of Stories 2: The Enchantress Returns

What a controversial world we live in now! So many things happen at the same time you aren’t sure what do you think and then boom - another bunch of things happen. But there’s one thing I will always be sure about – Mr. Christopher Paul Colfer never cease to amaze me.

New sight on fairytales? Huh. Been there, done that. You are 23, got MA in English and literature and think you can’t possibly be surprised what could come of good old fairytales. Meh. That’s not how TLOS series works. For this series, my friend, will take you on the adventurous road through your childhood. And guess what – you would love it.

Not only this book is full of different familiar characters, it is filled with precious pieces of advice this characters give. That was a really good move. I’m sure any kid or teen would soak up all the good out of this book and remember cause you know that age when Goldilocks or Cinderella are the most important figures. Not to mention that all the familiar faces are shown from the different angles this makes it interesting for adults. And I don’t speak about myself ‘cause I love fairytales at all ages and will do forever.  

But as we are sitting here nicely drinking tea, speaking of Cinderella and stuff let’s move to the obvious interest of all – Mother freaking Goose. I mean like what the hell of a woman! Don’t even start, don’t even go there ‘cause I can go for hours like that. This cannot be expressed. Just read it yourself.

on the pic - Mother Goose (as well as The Goose Flu, O.M.G. (Old Mother Goose), Mother Mayhem) and Lester, her goose)

I’m thrilled to read the next book, so thrilled! Thank you thank you thank you TLOS: The Enchantress Returns you restored my lost love for reading (well I’ve lost it because of Shantaram, but I WILL finish it ugh someday). 

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