Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Maze Runner

So here I am, finally with a review. Didn’t expect to be that lazy though. This time I will speak of The Maze Runner – both a book and a movie. To start with, I liked them both. I’ve read only the first book from the series, but plan to read the rest as well.

The plot is a bit commonplace: we’ve got a protagonist who is different from the others and we’ve got some dystopian story. Sounds familiar, eh? But not so fast, cowboy, this one is a bit different. You’ve heard of William Golding’s “Lord of Flies”? Well that the whole new feature to this story – this is the new Lord of Flies!

Bunch of boys of different ages have formed a society in which they have all kinds of levels and successfully rule this society. Seems that they don’t even need adults, right? But who did place them all together in the first place? Who was behind the strange idea of putting some teens together to see whether they survive? Well that’s the whole intrigue.

The book is remarkable to me by two things: the protagonist is a boy, finally, thank you not another female dystopian YA book oriented. It was quite interesting for me to be in his shoes. Although he was little bit stupid sometimes but that happens even to the best of us you know. And the second thing I liked – almost nonexistence of a romance. Like THANK YOU again it was more interesting for me because of that. If there was any real romance it would ruin the plotline completely for me. I don’t know how things are in the other books, but it is good for the first book to be romance-free. Plus, these boys are smart enough to make up brand new words!

The movie was quite good too. Actually, I enjoyed it very much (except Theresa, didn’t like the casting choice). I highly recommend this movie as a great adaptation and nice film itself.

Don’t wait too much from it, yes it’s YA and dystopian, don’t expect it to be COMPLETELY different from The Hunger Games or Divergent series. You do know what you settle for. So don’t leave the cinema whining that this teen’s story sucks like they all do. Just please don’t, you are plain boring. 

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