Sunday, 22 March 2015

Losing It by Cora Carmack

What the actual … was this book? Is it like “50 shades…” only with Shakespeare’s quotes every now and then? Hell to the no! Being great Shakespeare’s admirer myself, it was literally painful to read this so to say novel. This book may have its charm, only it doesn’t.

The plotline revolves around two main subjects: theatre and virginity. Yep. It’s basically about theatrical students (this part was quite interesting, to be honest) and the protagonist who happen to be a virgin in her 21 year old. How is that, shock! Of course she must be sick or religious to be a virgin in 21! Well that is one big question for me.

The whole plot twist is to fuck or not to fuck with your teacher which is okay since him, the teacher is smoking hot. I understand all of this. Not very complicated characters and plot, but why on Earth would you want to insert Shakespearian quotes in your sex talks? It was so disgusting my eyes hurt. I’m so sorry I wouldn’t be able to unread this. My brain’s been screwed and it would never be the same.

Do not recommend it. 

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