Wednesday, 31 December 2014


This post is kinda weird because it's personal but hey that my blog anyways.
This year was the worst ever and I'm so happy it's going to end! But nevertheless I have some things to be gratefull about.
Such as finding a job. That what not easy and things turned out the way I didn't expected and now I'm surching for another job haha 
But still that was a great result for a long-long time trying to find a job.
I'm greateful for all the bad situations in my life this year because they showed me who my truly friends are.
I'm greateful for my family.
I'm grateful for lots of inspiration I found in books, theatre, movies and music. Those things are dear to my heart! 
I'm grateful for getting up today. I'm grateful for everything and I can't wait for 2015 to finally begin.
The happiest New Year and New Year's Eve, darlings! 
p.s. I'll post some interesting posts in the nearest future like The Best Books of 2014, Frankenstein's review and something else. So stay with me! :)

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