Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Magnus' Bane

I can't get enough adventure. And adventure cannot get enough of me.
The Bane Chronicles” is a series of 10 short stories about a life of an immortal warlock Magnus Bane. All the stories cover different stages in his life and may be interesting only for those fans of TMI and TID.

“Have a little faith in my magic fingers” 

The burden of living an immortal life is showed through out all the stories. You watch your loved ones die, centuries change centuries and you just exist like a mark which both moves forward and stays still. Through all these years Magnus helped Shadowhunters and not once even when they were far from respecting Downwolders. He thought he would never ever ever love a Shadowhunter but things went vice versa.

I think, all Clare’s readers know about Magnus and Alec relationship. This relationship is one of the most important in Magnus’ life, besides his amity to Will Herondale and friendship with Tessa. We can see whole different Alec through Magnus’ eyes: sensitive and vulnerable, shy and honest. Their relationship seem really more close and special from this perspective.

Magnus’ narration is interesting though, we can see him a lot different from this point. Despite of all the years he had lived, his experience and them wisdom he still worries about his friends, worries about Alec as if this is his first relationship ever. This makes Magnus very humane. The most humane of them all.
Needless to say that Magnus is my favorite character in the Clare’s world (besides Will). This series is a real treasure for me. It was interesting to know some special moments from his life, his thoughts and feelings.

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