Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Brunette Ambition by Lea Michele

“We live in a world of self-deprecation, and while it’s healthy to make fun of ourselves from time to time, it bothers me when I see women of all ages belittling their accomplishments because they don’t want to appear boastful or overconfident. You don’t see a lot of guys out there underplaying their strengths or making light of what they’re good at, so why should women? While I get that there’s a fine line between owning your accomplishments and reciting every line of your résumé, there is absolutely no shame in being proud of what you’ve managed to achieve! Own it!” 

This book is full of advices, receipts and tips on healthy happy living which will help you to organize your life. (I’ve already stolen one and now always prepare my outfit beforehand; it really helps not to be late). But there are reasons why this book will be interesting for Miss Michele fans only. And they are:
-She likes herself a lot.
-No she loooooooooves herself a lot.
-She talks about how she loves herself a lot. A lot.
-If you don’t looooooooove her lot than you would be a little bit bored.
There is nothing wrong with loving who you are, don’t get me wrong. But it could be understandable if she wrote it once or twice. Not throughout the whole book.
Nevertheless her fans should be really glad – besides her useful tips and inspirational words she talks about her life, how she organizes it in a way to be at time always, look her best and do her best at her job. What is more there is another Thins and it’s her mentions of her star friends which is also fun.
This book may be better than other books of this type (I haven’t read them much, can’t say for sure), but you would not reread it later. So it is better to write down all the necessary tips that you think are useful for you.

In other words, I recommend it to Lea Michele’s fans (who would definitely read it without any suggestions) and to teenage girls who enjoys such kind of books and find it very inspirational and useful.

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