Tuesday, 20 May 2014

With Fire and Blood

In this post I will discuss 2 short stories written by George R.R. Martin – The Princess and The Queen and The Rogue Prince. These short stories give us better insight into Targaryens kitchen – how they ruled and how they loved, how they danced with the dragons and let the whole cities on fire. These stories could be very interesting for any GoT and ASOIAF fan.
Frankly these are a little bit boring comparing to the previous books writing style. That’s because the narrator is maester and his narration is dry, the facts only. But this isn’t a minus though.
Comparing to other families Targaryens appear to be quite crazy. Or angry. Or lusting for power. Anyways they’ve started really destroying wars to fight for the throne which already belonged to their family.
The Princess and The Queen shows us a Dance With Dragons – a war between princess Rhaenyra and her brother prince Aegon II. The Princess is Rhaenyra and The Queen is Aegon’s mother Alicent who decided to make her son a king despite the will of her husband (he wanted to see Rhaenyra on the throne). In this story we also meet Daemon Targaryen – an uncle and a husband of Rhaenyra who is also a main character in The Rogue Prince.
Targaryens A Dance With Dragons was a bloody war, people died from swords and fire, dragons died fighting each other. Relatives killed each other, children died, intrigues were carried on and all of that was because Targaryens decided to take what is theirs by fire and blood.
Personally I think this would be interesting to read, especially if you are fond of ASOIAF. I liked it less than the main series but it still is awesome.

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