Monday, 7 April 2014

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

I suppose a fire that burns that bright is not meant to last.

 Allegiant is the third novel of a young American author Veronica Roth who writes dystopias for teens. The trilogy is becoming a successful hit as they made a first movie based on the books. And sooner or later It would become more and more popular.
Frankly speaking, I expected a lot from this book but not all of my expectations became truth. Yes, I know that lots of people compare Divergent to The Hunger Games trilogy and I’m not making something new here. But comparing to HG trilogy ending which spoiled the whole thing for me I liked the ending of Allegiant better. It has a happy ending, with some victims of course, but that was inevitable I guess.
Actually the poor and dull writing made me hated it for the first time. I literally slept on the book till I got to the ending where things were more intense. I don’t want to say that I don’t like the book. Author’s got nice ideas, but depicted them in a dull way.
Now about the characters. I really thought Four would be the one who dies. It was obvious. He is loved by the readers, he’s gone through so much and has suffered a lot. His death would be very-very tragic to the readers. But nevertheless what happened can’t be rewritten.
Selflessness. This feature is very common for protagonists. That’s why they are dull. They are heroes, always doing right things and making right decisions. And if not their decisions are considered to be good one way or another. They sacrifice themselves and everything they have. That’s who they are-protagonists. That’s why there’s no surprise in here either.
But despite the dullness of writing and inertia of a plot this trilogy will remain special for me ‘cause it’s message is quite close to me. This message is how to fight a fear. And it makes trilogy very close and interesting to all those teens and adults who read it. I don’t know whether the film would contain this message or not but in the book it’s precious.
All in the entire book isn’t perfect but good. Nice recommendation for those action lovers.

Rating 4/5

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