Wednesday, 12 June 2013

TFIOS review

I had a feeling I just should write a review on John Green’s incredible book. I think it touched a lot of us.  A story about teens that should face death.  From the very beginning it isn’t right okay? Kids shouldn’t think of death, they have a whole life before them to live, they have to love, to have fun, to be a little careless. But it is when cancer came and interrupted their lives. Yes, this book is about cancer and how people struggle it. But believe me it’s not like all the books on this topic. You’ll never hear some kind of complaining from Hazel even when she knows she’ll die and this is just some time doctors gave her to live. And she’s cool with it.
What is more Green gave us totally charming male character – Augustus, who thought he fought cancer but at the end cancer fought him. Physically, I mean.  Handsome, smart, totally positive kid – I felt something should happen to him, everything can’t be that good for long. And despite Augustus’s really bad state of mind and body at the end of journey he understood clearly that even if he hadn’t become someone special for the world – he was so for Hazel. This kid’s achievement is far ahead something most people can achieve.
Among all these life-death topics John managed to draw a really great love story which wouldn’t leave anybody untouched. Relationship without unnecessary crap, without fights and jealousy. Everything’s just as it should be: simple.
To my mind this book should be really enjoyable (well yes you’ll cry a lot) for everyone. If you are lost and don’t know what to do with your life – I recommend you this book. If you ever have loved – I recommend you this book. If you ever were hurt – I recommend you this book. If you want to feel something really worth feeling – I recommend you this book.


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