Saturday, 20 April 2013

TLOS review

"Courage is one thing no one can ever take away from you" 
 Despite my huge love for young talent Chris Colfer, I tried to stay unbiased. In fact, I’m rather strict critic and thought (and was afraid) that I wouldn’t like it. Or at least wouldn’t be the greatest fan of it. But the truth is – I loved it. Totally loved it.
The story is about Alex and Conner, twins who went through difficult times in their family. After their father’s death they lost their house, their mother was desperate to work harder and harder and rarely spent time with them. One day their grandmother came to visit them and gifted the book – The Land Of Stories. It was firstly her, then their dad’s property. What is more, kids enjoyed listening and reading fairy tails from this very book. As you can guess, the book was kind of a portal to another world- a world of fairy tails, where Cinderella and Snow White were real but nobody believed in technology.
The book’s writing style is nice and easy, makes the story enjoyable to read. Kids went through a lot of different adventures in this magical world, met nice people and bad people, deafened trolls and found out a lot about they own family, made friends with people they only read about.
It’s easy to define that Colfer is really fond of fairy tails, only true admirer could create the very new world and fulfill it with its own beauty and magic, love and friendship.
While reading I really missed childhood. This magical world captures everyone who is willing to believe.

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