Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater Part 2

Depending on where you began this story, it was about love. The never-ending, changing feeling. Some characters were wealthy with it, some have never known. But one way or another, love is capable of moving mountains. And bringing your friends from the dead.

Blue Sargent wasn’t my favourite, I don’t really like bad-tempered female characters, especially when their breakdowns are completely undeserved by others. But she was a nice protagonist. That is all.

I feel like Gansey was created for reader’s love. He is such hype, geez. He is a nice character to follow. Smart, kind, handsome, with a heart of gold. He deserved that amount of love he received. 

Adam and Ronan are more complicated characters. They’ve gone through enormous changes during this series.

I remember I thought Ronan was this edgy, suicidal type who will get lots of troubles to the group. And Adam was so bitter all the time it was difficult to remember that he was actually broken. We can totally see that they changed when the story ended.

Changed, but not really. More of became their true selves, I guess. Ronan is sweet and loving deep inside him. He has grown with unconditional love in his family. It was really easy for him to end up with edgy and dangerous Kavinsky. But Ronan falls for a tender boy, created his Chainsaw sweet and loving so as his Orphan Girl.

Adam, on the contrary, makes his very first step into the land of love. He is serious about it. He hadn’t anybody to love him in his life. Growing up with an abusive father and careless mother, he is an ideal example of a self-made man. He was the most relatable character for me so I’m quite satisfied with his happy ending.

What I liked about the Raven Cycle is that it is complete on all angles and areas of plot. It’s like the author created this complicated world and each book is very connected. You can find hints about everything that happens in the end even in the first book (and I’m not talking about Gansey’s death obviously).

I enjoyed reading it. Hope you will too. 

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