Saturday, 26 March 2016

Ulysses by James Joyce

Love loves to love love.

 I have a story. not very original one. I couldn’t do it. this book has been too much for me. reading it hurt me physically. it’s been six years since I’ve picked it up. And I wasn’t disappointed. I strongly believe that Ulysses should enter your life at a certain period of life. And definitely not when this is a required reading.

I have no intention to speak about its plot – you can read the back of the book by yourself anytime. I’m rather interested in emotions. so, stylistically, some episodes of Ulysses are complete disaster. You just cannot read this. And still you continue. As we all know, Joyce made it on purpose. And these details turned this book into a real roller-coaster for me.

Speaking of characters, I cannot relate to any of them. They are, in most cases, representations of Joyce’s opinions about himself (Bloom, Dedalus), fears (Molly) or just random acquaintances of Joyce. It is known, that James Joyce had some issues with a father figure in his life. We feel that he is trying to depict Bloom and Dedalus’ father (sort of, because Stephen has already a real father – Simon Dedalus). But He was not very close with his father, and Bloom has lost his son. So both of them needed this deep father-son relationship in their lives. 
But I have a feeling that it was not delivered properly. They tried to talk, but couldn’t find common ground. They hadn’t become very close either. He suffered after his mother’s death though. 

This is a difficult read; it’s hard to recommend it to anyone. But for those of you, who are interested in strange and conflicted ride it would be interesting.

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