Monday, 5 October 2015

A Perfect Waiter by Alain Claude Sulzer

A beautifully written story set in Switzerland in 1935-1936 and 1966. The protagonist is Erneste, the perfect waiter, who occasionally falls in love with the fellow waiter Jacob. For Erneste it’s a love of his life, but for Jacob it’s only a fling. Eventually soon enough Jacob starts getting laid more often than he eats. Of course the revealing is painful for Erneste and this wound has never been quite healed. After Jacob’s leaving to America with his new lover Erneste suffers tremendously and basically stays single all his life. The life was quite bearable until he gets two letters from Jacob, after 30 years of silence and it reopens his almost healed wound. 

This tragic story is told through flashbacks. When already old and solitary Erneste remembers the times he was happy and the times he was stubbed in the back. The letters from Jacob push Erneste to leave his comfort zone and to decide whether to help his former lover or not. Author shows us very strong personality who is weak in some ways, especially in ways that concern his heart. 

This story is short and beautifully written; I enjoyed every page of it. Love and betrayal will never be out of fashion. But still I can’t recommend it to everyone because its major topic is with glbt flavor. But if you are not prejudiced you are very welcome.


  1. I love your variety! Will you now be one of those ladies who reads M/M romance novels? :-D

    1. M/M novels are not bad at all so I guess... (: