Sunday, 17 August 2014

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

A life-saver book for many generations, this Carnegie’s piece of work has caught my eye as well. Being rather nervous person myself I thought I would find lots of interesting and useful tips in this book and I was right. Frankly, I started reading it long ago and was so bored I must drop it. But now I decided to give it a second chance and not regret it.

The book provides you with lots and lots of useful information, tips and advices on how to stop worrying. Personally I enjoyed reading it and now developed some if the tips into my daily routine. I started acting before I can think I have fear or I can’t do it. I started to find some time each day to rest and relax properly. Now I have a special notebook for inspirational quotes for rainy days. I try to forgive people immediately on their wrongdoings and not get upset with criticism. I try to do everything in time, am not afraid of difficulties in work anymore (for I can learn from them) and I keep my working place always clean now.

Of course, this book won’t eliminate worrying completely from you. You have to work hard yourself to see the results. But it certainly will push you to action. You should not read it as a regular book. Read and reread it from time to time because you will need inspirational tips every now and then. 

“Our thoughts make us what we are.” 

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