Friday, 6 June 2014

Books vs Audiobooks

There are 2 types of people: ones who prefer to read and ones who prefer to listen. Personally I like both, in most cases I like to read but sometimes the speaker is so great it turns listening to audiobook into some kind of real treat.
In this post I will highlight pros and cons of both regular books and audiobooks.
-you read as slow/fast as you want
-you can touch the pages and feel the scent of a book
-the story seem much real to you
-you hear yours voice only in your head
-you put your own emotions in sentences
-you spend time
-you may have porblems with eyes in future
-you are too tired to spend your energy on this but you desperately want to read

and then

-you can listen the book while cooking/cleaning/in a car/something else. So you spend less time on it
-if speaker does his job really good it's a pleasure to listen this
-you do not damage your eyes
-if you can't concentrate on more than 1 thing listening while doing smth is not yours
-and because of that you will still be spending your time like with the regular book
-some people consider listening book you wouldn't get the "soul" of the book
-it's may be inconviniently to listen to somebody's voice reading you

Anyways it's always up to you. Sometimes I like to listen, but mostly to read.

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