Friday, 23 May 2014

Blue Roofs, Rouen. 1884 Paul Gauguin

Warm summer day. The heat is bearable enough to sit and enjoy the view. The sky is so calm it seems to promise a better morning after. People are working, someone maybe enjoying the tent, someone maybe enjoying themselves. 

All is calm and promising. In days like this you want to live. In days like this you understand the whole "what's the purpose of life" thing. Or you just don't bother thinking about the purpose. Life's too beautiful and too short to think about it's purpose. 
You can lay on the grass enjoying this endless youth, this summer of life. You are the youngest, the bravest, the most loved one. No one ever loved like you and no one will.
Maybe you are thinking of someone particular or maybe of nothing at all. It doesn't matter as long as you have these roofs and this sky above. You know you can do anything because you are alive. Because you are here and now. Just because you can. 
You wonder what people do in these houses. Are they happy or are they sad? Do they want to die or they just don't have a time for depressive thoughts? Are they in love? Do they want to change something or they just float? Do they feel the same you feel? Are they here? Are they....


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