Friday, 25 April 2014

Divergent Movie

I want to dedicate this post to the Divergent film which is based on the Veronica Roth’s novel. Frankly, I loved this book as well as whole series badly. All the characters have become very close to me. So I prepared for the movie and expected the worst.
I should say the film was pretty good. It can attract new fans and please the old ones. The actors have been chosen really well, not all of them, but most. They did their job good. The screenplay was not bad, but there were certain moments that were really important and were absent in the movie. But let’s speak about this later.
As soon as I knew about casting results I was slightly disappointed. Shailene Woodley is by no means little and fragile, and Theo thou is a better choice still was not really Four to me. Miles’s got rather soft appearance for Peter, and Ashley Jadd was way too beautiful for someone from Abnegation. But Tony Goldwyn was really excellent choice, as well as Kate Winslet. But all the actors worked hard and became their characters. I believed Shailene and Theo, Ashley turned out an amazing abnegation mom, and Peter though wasn’t as cruel as in the book still was an asshole.
The reason of my dissatisfaction is similar to others’ – why on Earth they decided to put Uriah out of game? The character and his line by far is one of the most interesting and important. The character himself is very charismatic and influences other characters. So why didn’t they write him in screenplay? And would he be present in next movies? I hope so.
Tris in the movie was much more beautiful than in the book and this moment was a little bit confusing. Maybe I’m just got used to her insecurities concerning her appearance. I got used to small and fragile Tris. But it didn’t hold me from believing Shailene.

I’m surely going to watch the next movie, and this film is 4/5.

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