Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Tales of Dunk and Egg part 1

This is a review of two novellas by George R.R. Martin The Hedge Knight and The Sworn Sword which are from The Tales of Dunk and Egg series and are prequel to A Song of Ice and Fire.
The novellas take us to the times when Targaryens ruled. The possible purpose of writing these novels is to show the readers the world before the game of thrones began when the Targaryens were at the peak. All the information we receive from a standpoint of hedge knight – possibly nobody, unimportant person who travels and works from time to time on different master. These works perfectly fit into fantasy category showing us knights. tournaments and beautiful ladies in all their glory and feasibility at the same time. The readers will be totally caught up with the narration – you can hardly say that it wasn’t written by a young knight. The thoughts, the colors in which he sees everything, naivety – narration is just brilliant.In the novellas we can clearly see that the author intended to show – book is a book and life is a life. Good guys won’t fight bad guys just because you want so. Or princess will not marry the hedge knight – she simply can’t allow it to herself. These realistic moments may be that point, that target which drives people to buy Martin’s books.
Characters. As a main characters we’ve got Dunk – the hedge knight, and Egg – from Targaryens who decides to travel with Dunk for some time seeking adventures. Both treat each other very well, almost like friends. Although Dunk never forgets about the Egg’s origin. These character’s attitudes are shown very well through their actions. Dunk values Egg’s opinion above all and Egg shows a lot of dedication to serving his knight.Generally I like these novellas. They are not bad. And I’m interested in continuation. I’d recommend it to all The Game of Thrones series fans, A Song of Ice and Fire fans and people who simply like fantasy and short stories.

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