Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding

The second part shows us no-more-single Bridget. Apparently, relationship are hard too, there’s little fairy tale to them. Trying to understand these mysterious creatures – men – Bridget gets herself into new and new adventures.
Firstly everything seems so fairy tale: Mark Darcy is actually in her bed, he’s not ideal more like a humble and simple, but still he’s hers man and she is lonely no more. But then suddenly her ex-friend Rebecca appears trying to steal Mark by all means. The situation becomes more difficult while Bridget’s reading psychological books and listening to her friends’ advice. Bridget thinks that Mark has dumped her for Rebecca while Mark think Bridget has dumped his because of all the nonsenses she read in those books and listened from her friends. And that is when all the madness begins.
Harry, the builder obsessed with fish and fishing, leaves Bridget with a huge hole in a wall that was made to enlarge her flat but everything remains the same about this. She’s trying to overcome her break-up with Mark by taking new and challenging work but failing it. All the personal issues in her friends’ lives, her mothers’ obsession with Africa and its culture, imprisoning in Thailand for caring drugs-not hers of course-all this is seems to be a rock bottom. But there is always a way to overcome any trouble and again Mr. Darcy helps her.
At the end of a book Bridget comes to the conclusion that men aren’t really different from women and are easily understood. All we have our fears, not very pleasant experiences, all we do stupid things and all we suffer from loneliness. It appears that we are not very different after all.

Interesting and easy book. The first one was better to me but still you can find a lot of exciting and edifying moments here. 

Rating 3/5

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