Friday, 15 November 2013

Angel Uncovered by Katie Price

To begin with I started reading this just because the book was extremely cheap but now I regret for having paid for it at all. This book is a total time killer. There is no originality in the plot as well as in characters. Moreover characters are full of clichés.
Having read the book I’ve came across the information on the Internet that this book was Ghost-written. That’s not surprise actually celebrities often do this. Not all of them are Hemmingways though.
Let us start with an analysis of characters. The protagonist Angel (actually hate the names in this book. Angel Summer, Honey. Is that for real?) has married her Prince Charming in the previous book but it’s not the happily ever after she imagined. After Honey was born she suffers from postnatal depression. Angel is tormented by feeling not connected to her daughter and husband. However, as we will found out later, he cheated on her in that exact time of her depression. With her friend. There you go, Prince Charming. What is more he tries to show as a guilty one. But Angel suspected that suicide would be the best option to draw the man’s attention. I’m not trying to minimalize this action. I just don’t think that the author should do this move, should depict a suicide like something that can help to save marriage. Later on Angel meets another Prince and picks him.
Characters are total clichés from head to toes. I constantly had this feeling of irritation when author tried to show Angel as a positive character because she only did boob job and other WAGs had a lot of silicone. Or because she likes to buy clothes in average shops (but not all the clothes). This is just something I can’t understand.

 Anyways I don’t recommend it to anyone. This book is time and brain cells killer. But if you have nothing to read at the beach it may be in hand. 

Rating 1/5.

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