Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco

This book was the first I grabbed in library on its opening day and didn’t bother to read the short description. Well, I wasn’t disappointed anyways.

This is a story with one fictional character (a protagonist) who takes an active part in establishing anti-Semitism in the twentieth century Europe. Sounds boring? By all means it is not. Eco wrote real people into his story as easily as if he knew them. Quite cynical gourmand Simone Simonini hates Jews from his childhood for no particular reason. Eventually he becomes a lawyer he decides to use his position to work against the hated nation. There are lots of conspiracy plots in this book. 

Adventurous plot in the Dan Brown’s style compensates lots of layers and complexity of writing. It was a fun read, but sadly for me author focused too much on roots of anti-Semitism. Although it touches so many topics.

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