Monday, 15 June 2015

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

The most black-and-white book I have ever ever ever read. And this book kicked my ass for sure. I liked it.

The whole system of characters depends only on author’s point of view – socialists are bad guys, capitalists are good guys. Literature is a form of art in which a person can express herself. So did Ayn Rand. She expressed her point of view and you can either find yourself in this and agree or pass by. Therefore, I’m a little confused why people get angry with this book. It’s a book, close it and get over it the end of story. It is truly the end of true art when author starts creating something you desire not something he does.

The book is a punch in a face ‘cause we all like to complain about our boss being total ass or that dude who is so successful when we are in the gutter. Nope sir, that is not how this world works. You see, everything you want to get you must earn. Simple as that. Yet so many people can’t do it (including lazy meeee).

So, as I said, this book is about a confrontation between the people who do and people who talk about doing and complain all the time. Of course, the greatest source for such interesting things coming to author’s mind was her background (google info about Ayn Rand ‘cause I’m too lazy to retell you all the beautiful peculiarities of living in USSR). The influence of a background was so strong it may actually seem to be a satiric piece of writing about Russia and America. Don’t go much deep into that.

To sum up, the book is unusual and it’s quite difficult to recommend it to everyone. Just try first 50 pages and see what you’d think of it. I gave it 5 stars.

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  1. Cool. Good review. I bought this book (actually two boxed books here in Brazil) a while ago and they're still waiting on my "to-read" Goodreads list. I remember start reading a few pages when I bought it and it was a page-turner kind. Well, thanks for the post. I need to prioritize this thing.