Friday, 10 October 2014

The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare

Incredibly hilarious comedy written by the Master Himself. I didn’t even expect I would enjoy it this much. This play isn’t in hit list of Shakespeare’s plays therefore it’s not very famous.

Everything happens in Windsor where faithful wives decided to play a series of jokes on Falstaff – a man who tried to seduce them. We meet sir Falstaff in several other plays by Shakespeare. And he still is enormously funny. Somewhere on the background Anne Page, a rich young girl, is trying to get married to the man she loves not the one chosen by her parents. One way or another Fenton’s true feelings for Anna are highly disputable as well. Nothing seems real and serious.

The language of a play is so lively and amusing it makes the whole plot very true-to-life. Personally I like Mrs. Ford for her wit. She found the most amusing way to show Falstaff who’s da boss here. Her husband wasn’t all that stupid as well so one way or another they made a nice couple. On the other hand there is Anne – really dull and uninteresting who is in the center of everyone’s attention just because of her money. And still she does what she wants not what she’s expected to do.

Female characters are really cool here. I like stories with good-written female characters. They are not feministic (obviously considering the time of a set) but they still rule in their feminine way. They are really starter than men and they easily do everything their way fooling everyone. I admire them, these ladies are so cool.

To sum everything up, this play is cool. Like I’m biased of course, I love Mr. Will Shake lots, but this play is hilarious. Seriously, you should just try it. 

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