Monday, 27 October 2014

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.

This book gave me chills. So beautifully written gothic novel I didn’t even expect. Not that I didn’t believe in Shelley, but I didn’t think it could give me real chills as I wrote my Master’s paper about gothic lit and wasn’t easily amused in this particular topic. Good job.

The plot itself is a common knowledge, I believe. Therefore I want to go deep with the characters. Frankly, there are only two characters worth speaking of: Frankenstein and the Creature. The development of their creator-creature relationship is really interesting. Note how the Creature loves his creator besides all the hatred and all the evil that happened to them. As for Frankenstein, I truly understand his position. How could he not hate this creature he gave life to when he became a killer – and not just a killer, but a killer of his loved ones?

The question is whether the Creature is a beast or a child? He was ‘born’ an adult, wasn’t taught particularly anything even how to walk and talk. Would you expect him to be a gentleman just because you say so? No, of course not, Frankestein had paid for his ignorance, selfishness and irresponsibility. But of course this doesn’t approve any of monster’s killings.

However, whilst reading a book, I had one particular question – is it the Creature who is monster or is it a Man? 

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