Monday, 7 July 2014

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

This is my least likeable book by Jane Austen so I have no idea how to start this review. At least half of a book was so boring the only thing I could think about while reading was that I might fall asleep on every page. But the other half was a little bit more interesting.
Let me start this review with my impressions from the main characters. Almost all the time I wanted to give Fanny a good descent slap. Or to shake her up a little. She really needed it. She’s too indifferent, downward, and weak. You would meet a lot of such people in your life but it’s rather boring to read about them. Fanny is typical priest’s wife, every speech of hers is preached. Trite.
Exactly the same thing I can say about Edmund even though he was livelier. The whole thing was too predictable, I really hope we would end up with Mary and Fanny – with Henry. Just because that would be really more interesting when people so different love, complete, change each other. But author wanted something different apparently,
All in all the plot is quite typical for Austen’s novels. But exactly this novel was really “Agnes Grey” alike which made me wanna sleep like all the time.
But the positive side of this novel is that it is kind of instructive. Hypocrisy, meanness, selfishness will always be punished. As for me this is the only positive side of this book.
All Austen lovers – you will love it.

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