Thursday, 29 May 2014

Another Modern Cinderella Story

I'm not a big fan of such books. They are too predictable and boring for me. But from time to time I can pick one - to get my brain some rest and to refresh my English knowledge (I usually read these books in English, not with translation). But this one I liked.
Basically, it is a story of a Cinderella. In our time. There are lots of books and movies like that, but there were something charmingly realistic about this book that I fell for it. Or maybe that's writing that caught me. Anyways here I am sipping my tea and writing this review instead of reading something else.
It's quite interesting how you like the main characters. I mean, there's a great chance you'll fall for them, they aren't that stereptypical. They are more like an average people with their problems. Of course the romance and everything was very predictable, but not so boring as I expected. But somehow I turned the pages really quickly, I was totally hooked and read it in one breath. 
Whilst having a man handling her problems Sam manages staying really feministic which I like. She tries her best to manage all by herself and depends only on her own power, that's good model for modern fairy tales. And Jack, he is totally got it. He treats women as they deserve that. Not so protective and not indifferent. Unrealistic type of a man, I guess. Then there are a bunch of different characters you'd not manage to even distinguish - they all are rather flat. But hey, that's chic lit. It's not supposed to be very Ulysses-like at all.
If you like romantic stories - go for it. If you like nice romantic stories - go for it. If you want to spend your time with a pleasant book - totally go for it.
In general, the book is good and light. 

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